Summer Camps 2013 :Five-Day Summer Technology Day Camp

 10th June 2013  -  23rd August 2013



7605 Virginia Pkwy

McKinney, TX - 75071

TIMINGS: 3 Timings to choose from:

9:30am to 12pm / 12:30pm to 3pm / 3:30pm to 6pm



June 10–14 ,

June 17–21,

June 24–28


July 1–5,

July 8–12,

July 15–19,

July 22–26


July 29–Aug 2, Aug 5–9,

Aug 12–16, Aug19–23

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Multiple Camps to choose from: Robotics Camps,Game Design Camp & Minecraft Camp.

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Robotic Camps

Roaring into Robotics (with LEGO® WeDo Robotics): Session 1

For Grade: 1st, 2nd & 3rd 

Designed for the elementary learner, WeDo™ Robotics is a cross-curricular set and series of theme-based activities.With WeDo,class can build robots and then add movement with fun,drag and drop software.Complete lesson plans for solving problems,and creating innovative projects.The LEGO®Education WeDo™ Robotics Construction Set introduces young students to robotics.They will be able to build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors;program their models;and explore a series of cross-curricular,theme-based activities.


8TH WEEK: 29TH JULY  TO 2ND AUG:     12:30 A TO 3:00P

9TH WEEK: 5TH AUG TO 9TH AUG:        9:30A TO 12:00P FULL

10TH WEEK: 12TH AUG TO 16TH AUG:   9:30A TO 12:00P


REG PRICE: $288 for 1 week of fun & learning.


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Roaring into Robotics (with LEGO® WeDo Robotics): Session 2

For Grade: 1st, 2nd & 3rd

This class is simply the continuation of first course offered. The complexity of the robots continues to rise while the kids programming skills are challenged as we introduce the idea of having more than one robot interacting with each other. The kids will build a soccer team including a kicker, a goalie, and cheering fans! By the end of the week they will be programming them to function simultaneously. This course is one of the all time favorites and has the kids cheering their robot soccer team to victory.  This class is a great stepping stone between our first class and our advanced class. 

(Could be taken without having took the first course prior to this course. Suggested age group: 1st- 3rd grade)

Advanced Roaring into Robotics (with LEGO® WeDo Robotics):

For Grade:  2nd, 3rd & 4th

This class stretches the kids' thinking as we take a big step in complexity of the robots built. These robots will challenge the kids to use much more critical thinking than in the entry level classes. The building time increases, the programming introduces advanced capabilities and the level of fun shoots through the roof. This course includes building amusement park bots such as a ferris wheel, race cars, and a carousel! The kids will love being challenged and having the opportunity to explore their own carnival within this fun-filled curriculum.

(Pre-requisite Roaring into Robotics or Roaring into Robotics Phase 2)

Green City Challenge Camp:

For Grade: 3rd, 4th & 5th

This LEGO MINDSTORM NXT-based Camp is  a step-by-step introduction to robotics in the classroom or as preparation for robotics competitions. The Green City Challenge Set contains three training mats, a challenge mat, and more than 1,300 elements for building the challenge models, such as a power plant, wind turbine, and dam. The training mats provide a field where students can test and practice their programming skills. The challenge mat offers a real-life setting for solving different missions so students can apply the skills acquired through the training.



8TH WEEK: 29 TH JULY TO 2ND AUG:    12:30PM TO 3:00PM

9TH WEEK:    5TH AUG TO   9TH AUG:    12:30 AM TO 3:00PM


REG PRICE: $288 for 1 week of fun & learning.

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Deep Space Terraformers Robotics Camps:

For Grade: 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th

In this LEGO MINDSTORM NXT-based Camp adventure, campers are first tasked to learn basics in the training areas on the Space Shuttle Entropy. Next, campers visit a series of moons, where they hone their terraforming skills. The adventure culminates on the planet Pantheon. Robo campers help transform Pantheon into an environment where humanoids can live and thrive. STEM education is a fundamental part of the Terraformers experience, expounding science, technology, engineering and math concepts in an engaging 'hands-on minds-on' environment. Using LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT  2.0 software and the NXT Base Set (9797), guided navigation leads campers forward along this imaginative mission into space.



8TH WEEK: 29 TH JULY TO 2ND AUG:      9:30AM TO 12:00PM

10TH WEEK: 12TH AUG TO 16TH AUG:    12:30PM TO 3:00PM FULL


REG PRICE: $288 for 1 week of fun & learning.


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Game Design Camps

Intro Game Creation:

For Grade: 2nd, 3rd, 4th,  5th, 6th, 7th & 8th

If you think playing computer games is fun, think what a blast learning to program your own games will be. Your imagination is the limit as you use GameStar Mechanic software to create maze, strategy, and a variety of other types of games. You’ll learn about creating sprites, objects, events and actions. Design a room, make it look the way you want, add objects and play your game. We’ll teach you how to display health, lives, score, splash screens and high score tables. Using drag and drop programming, you’ll be creating exciting, professional looking games you can play with your friends. You must have minimal experience using a computer to take this class.



9TH WEEK:    5TH AUG  TO 9TH AUG:       12:30PM TO 3:00PM

10TH WEEK: 12TH AUG TO 16TH AUG:    12:30PM TO 3:00PM FULL


REG PRICE: $288 for 1 week of fun & learning.


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Minecraft  Camps

Adventures with Minecraft:

For Grade: 3rd,4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th

Minecraft Level 1:Understand how to play the World’s most popular online game, Minecraft. You will build a clear understanding of the game while you explore amazing environments and challenges.  You will become a wizard of resources, crafting, building and creating.   You will understand combat strategies and creating powerful weapons.  By the end of our Level 1 class you will be on the path of becoming a Minecraft Master. – No prerequisites needed

Minecraft Level 2:Solve challenges and problems in a Minecraft environment.  You will be presented with Science, Physics and History based challenges that you solve in a Minecraft world.  Students will explore some of the deeper capabilities of the Minecraft engine and world. – Prerequisite – Experience playing Minecraft and understanding of game mechanics.


8TH WEEK: 29 TH JULY TO 2ND AUG   :  9:30AM TO 12:00PM

8TH WEEK: 29 TH JULY TO 2ND AUG   :  12:30AM TO 3:00PM


REG PRICE: $288 for 1 week of fun & learning.

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Please Note: All classes can be cancelled anytime if the minimum student enrollment are not met.You will receive full refund of the tuition if your class is cancelled.