Engaging Children in S.T.E.M Education early!

 We stimulate and engage children's thinking as we integrate  STEM  experiences at

a very early stage.These engaging developmentally appropriate activities maximize children's learning inScience,Technology,Engineering,and Mathematics . Each

experience combines STEM disciplines and incorporates materials,programs and

situations that are interesting and meaningful to children. Our year round STEM program combines multiple disciplines that engage students as they explore and 

create.This program allows children to master multiple components of STEM in our

club environment ,during after school,which inspires creativity and fun.


Why is STEM in Early Childhood Vital ?

“Development research demonstrates preschool children possess content knowledge that roughly maps onto the scientfic principle of physics, chemistry and biology. They have begun to reason to form foundations for scientific thinking.” We tap into this ability to prepare them for what is ahead of them. If not, it is a missed opportunity to prepare children for kindergarten.

Our fun STEM program introduces and teaches kids :

 *Robotics & Engineering,

 *Game Design,

 *App Design,

 *Minecraft Mod design,

 *Digital Engineering with      Minecraft,

 *Coding & Programming,

 *Computer building,

 *Mini Drone building & flying,

 *Circuits & Electronics,

 *3D Modeling & 3Dprinting,

 *Rasberry Pi projects,

 *Arduino Projects.

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