Using childhood education robot for children growing up in the digital age. Its unique Tap pen controller, as a coding tool, facilitates kids’ kinesthetic experience on tangible programming language. It uses physical blocks and various theme-based story maps to provide engaging simulation. Therefore, kids can receive immediate life-like feedback and generate more creative ideas during their problem-solving processes. It encourages child-initiative learning by offering open-ended activity packages integrating learning areas from math, to music, and art.

  • Programmable robot and screen-free coding tool for ages 5 to 7

  • Construct visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activity experience

  • Provide immediate life-like feedback and open-ended plays

  • Help generate more creative ideas through child-initiative learning

Coding and computational thinking concepts in early years

Hands on coding : The tangible Blocks have the potential and scalability of any real procedural programming language, and children learn with a variety of core programming concepts.

The queue : Instructions in programs are executed following a precise order. 

Algorithms : Algorithms are sets of precise instructions that form a program. Blocks are a physical representation of an instruction that combine to create a program.

Debugging : The instructions are laid on the Board. Fixing mistakes is as easy as swapping a block . This is called debugging.


Learning S.T.E.M subjects isn’t achieved in a day and is more akin to learning an instrument or a sport. Kids Robotech Club provides kids new Robotics and Coding challenges and projects each week that will develop their skills and knowledge.

28 weeks program :

* Robotics and Coding

* Meeting After School

* Monday through Friday


See Like A Designer, Think Like An Engineer....

Students start with building blocks and, at each stage in their STEM journey, add new engineering elements and design challenges all the way through programmable robotics. They start with fundamentals like how to make things strong and how to make things move. As they mature, they build on that foundation and explore: mechanical and structural engineering and integrated STEM projects that explore professional design cycles.

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